Intertwining style and consciousness with the essence of Southeast Asia

Thank you for visiting FancyHeadz™️, we are a small Pinay-owned business based out of California and the Malay Archipelago. We specialize in making premium and purposeful headwear, outerwear and accessories.

As a creative team of Southeast Asian cultural workers, community organizers, and social entrepreneurs, we promote the ideals of exploration, abundance, and wellbeing.

The idea for FancyHeadz emerged through our frequent travels across the Malay Archipelago and greater Southeast Asia. During these periods, we have the privilege to study alongside local artists, jewelers, and historians to learn, observe, and develop our own artistry, style and reinterpretations of historic, natural and cosmological symbolism.

Through our offerings, you will see strong Philippines, Indonesian, Malaysian, and Bruneian influences, which we aim to share with all of you. A portion of your purchase will benefit our partners in Indonesia.

Questions or more info? Get in touch with us at info@fancyheadz.com