There are many messages and meanings behind Headz of State. As we say, we create headwear with purpose that intertwines style, consciousness and the essence of Southeast Asia. 

While we slowly make our various types of headwear, part of this creation process is the engagement of individual and collective study of the shared cultures, traditions and histories of the Southeast Asian countries of Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines. 

In this post, we examine the Malay tricolor, which represents the three important values that comprise Malayness. Green is the traditional color of Islam, a faith that has been the integral part of Malay culture. Yellow is the royal color commonly associated with Malay sultans. The third color, red, is the traditional color in Malay culture that denotes courage, bravery, heroism and loyalty. 

If you look carefully across Southeast Asian designs, fashion, architecture and society, you will see motifs and symbolism depicting the Malay tricolor. For example, the Malaysian state of Kedah uses red as their state color. The Malay tricolor can be seen waving across Indonesia and the influence of the tricolor can be seen within cultural and special ceremonies, such as weddings.  

The colors we choose, patterns we make, and headwear we produce is all intentional. Whether we are deriving work from historical facts, notional activities and global organizing efforts, the power of unity is never lost on us.

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