Like many cultures and faiths that revere the sun, moon, and stars, our Starburst [Balatik] hat shares the pre-colonial Philippines’ connection to these natural elements. 

As a Southeast Asian Archipelago of 7K+ islands, Filipinos used the Balatik constellation (Orion’s Belt in Western culture) to track time, determine when to farm, fish, and seafare.

The Balatik constellation carries various meaning to Filipino people throughout the year. For example, during December the tradition of parol lanterns made popular by the Christian majority of the Luzon and Bisayas regions are emblematic of our reverence for the stars. 

The book, Balatik, Etnoastronomiya, Kalangitan sa Kabihasnang Pilipino (Balatik, Ethnoastromony, The Skies in Indigenous Pilipino Civilization), details how stars have been an essential knowledge in cultures of pre-colonial Philippines. 

They even dedicated rituals to specific star formations. Our Starburst hat brings these elements together but accents the North Star, signifying purpose, guidance, and direction.

From the ancient practice of astronomy by our ancestors, stars continue to be a facet of life and culture throughout the Archipelago. These influences are seen as the sun and stars on the Philippines flag. 

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